--About Us--

Solar Plexus Films is the brainchild from the producer Carlos, better known as Igor actor in the belly punch films from  Dragon Films, a producer of a fetish film company that was established in 1999 in collaboration with Marco Fiorito, the original creator of MFX Video.

Carlos was responsible for the production of fetish belly punch films, unprecedented in Brazil and successfully received by the international market with many compliments on websites and forums at the time. Dragon Films grew along with MFX Video, in partnership the two companies until 2006, when the financial agent mistakenly made them illegally act in the U.S.A.  and they were forced to close their businesses.

But about three months later they were joined again by opening a new store in Clips4Sale, named BRAZILWOOD, and produced excellent fetish films for almost a year. After this period, both sold most of the films of Dragon Films and MFX Video to the company NEWMFXVIDEO, which today gives sequence of the work started by these two guys. Carlos opened a new company called XCLIPSHOW and Marco opened another new company called MF VIDEO and both stores active in C4Sale too.

Carlos is now ready for a new phase of his life, focusing on the fetishes he has always liked since his teens, being a collector of photos, videos, stories about this stuff. An interesting detail is that he also admires and loves female navel and catfight, in association with belly punching. He also likes everything about Belly Fetish and in the future he thinks about production of movies in the spectrum belly.

According to Carlos,  Solar Plexus Films wants to add new ideas and satisfy all customers who have always been fans of Carlos shooting style and direction and they asked for the return of production of new films. He believes that success will come by the dedication and love to work