1. Which Video formats do you use, and is Solar Plexus Films  compatible with my computer?

Solar Plexus Films uses Windows Media video (WMV) for our HD videos and (MPG) for the old videos versions. This two formats are compatible with any PC and Operative system, if you can reproduce go to the respectives video codecs, we can recommend K-lite Codec Pack  for Windows . For PC with little performance we can recommend use : Windows Media Player.

You can find in each video the respective VIDEO INFORMATION, about Video format , quality, length, etc. If you have problems in reproduce any video you can contact us and we help you to fix the issue.

2. How i can buy a video?

1. Go to the respective video you want.

2. Click over the button "Buy full movie"

3. Put your email address (real email for your guaranty).

4. Select your type Card and put the respective information (your information are safely with us TW Privacy Policy)

5. Check your email sent for our payment system. ( check your inbox )

6. You can found there a Download link (that expires in 48 hours and and you can download unlimited in this interval of hours)

If your card is rejected or not authorize the transaction please contact your Bank Support

3. How i receive the item buyed?

Solar Plexus Films at the moment only sell individual videos for DOWNLOADS, you receive the download link in your email.

4. I need username and passwords for download a video?

No, you only need do the step "2", and you receive automatically to your email the download link, without passwords, ready for download and enjoy. For your guaranty we send a link , that expires in 48 hours and you can download unlimited of times in this interval.

5. I can't download the video or my link is broken...

Contact us immediately: info@solarplexusfilms.com

6. What are the languages of the videos?

Portuguese. In a future will can make subtitles videos or in other languages.

7 . How i can use my membership purchased?

Login using your username and password placed on the join page, and next enter on any video and the full version are unlocked

8. I can download videos with my membership?

NO, the videos are available for Steam only

9. How i cancel my membership?

Contact us : info@solarplexusfilms.com we in a period of cancel 24-48 hours max